Tuesday, March 6th, 2018


Einstein letters of admiration and advice auctioned in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A note written by Albert Einstein to an Italian woman scientist who had declined to meet him sold at auction on Tuesday along with a batch of other letters left by the renowned…

Israeli shepherdess uses modern sheep breed to revive ancient shofar sound

RAMOT NAFTALI, Israel (Reuters) – The piercing note of a shofar – a ram’s horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies – cuts through the mountain air of the Galilee.

10 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Condoms

Photo: getty Here are some strange condom facts you probably didn’t know, according to condom expert Melissa White. Keywords: birth control, condoms, contraception, Dating, safe sex, sex, condom, stds, safe sex education, using condoms, history of the condom read more

The Best Rainbow Pancake Cake, No Nasty Dye!

Click to view (6 images) I’m a recipe developer. So I’ve seen cookies cooked in cookies. I’ve seen pie-flavored jelly shots. I’ve seen homemade pop-tarts stuffed with candy bars and And mason jars of cake, packed to the gills with a ribbony swirl of rainbow colors. So, we decided to simplify. Why not create a recipe, a really simple, beautiful recipe, that offers up the same amount of eye-catching glory, without all the unnecessary…crap? And thus, this pretty-and-perfect, all-natural gluten-free Rainbow Pancake Cake was born. Keywords: food, healthy, recipe, recipes,Read More

Happiness On A Stick: Bacon-Wrapped Chicken And Potato Skewers

Bacon-wrapped anything is divine, but bacon-wrapping ingredients everyone already loves is even better. Keywords: food, recipes read more

I Lost 40lbs Only To Find Out Some Men Still Like Thick Women

Photo: Getty Images  A bikini competitor weighs in on how men feel about thick women, thin women, and everything in between. Keywords: confidence, skinny, body acceptance, body shaming, thick read more

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Admitted To A Psych Ward

Photo: Getty Images  For people who have never suffered from mental illness, they have no idea what it’s like being in a psych ward. But for someone who has been admitted, whether by choice or involuntarily, it’s nothing like the movies. Whether it’s having to adhere to a strict schedule, dealing with cliques, and putting in the work to make yourself a better person, mental hospitals can be a godsend for most individuals. Keywords: depression, mental health, mental illness, mental abuse, Personality Disorders, psych ward read more

People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Nuts, They’re Genius

Photo: Getty Images  People suffering from mental illness often talk to themselves, but doing so is actually beneficial for your health. Keywords: confidence, intelligence, self-esteem, motivation, self-talk, Genius, talking to yourself, talking out loud read more

Models take a walk through wintry woods for Chanel

PARIS (Reuters) – Chanel wrapped up its models in leaf-motifed prints on Tuesday, celebrating autumn as it recreated a misty forest inside Paris’s Grand Palais.

This Super-Simple Move Works Your Abs Like No Other

No crunching necessary—thank god.