Monday, March 5th, 2018


Do You (Should You???) Kiss Your Kids On The Lips?

Photo: Getty Images  Is kissing children on the lips normal for a child’s development, or is it inappropriate? Find out what experts have to say. Keywords: kiss, parenting, raising children, kissing kids read more

7 Reasons To Drink Wine Instead Of Going To The Gym Tonight

Photo: Getty Images  While exercise is good for your heart, your body, and increasing your life span, getting there is half the battle and can be stressful. So, instead of working out, why not drink a glass of wine? Before you think that drinking at home on the couch won’t get rid of your gut, you should know the reasons why wine is good for you. Whether it’s known to improve your mood, builds your immunity to colds, or makes your teeth stronger, you won’t want to put that glassRead More

This Is What Smoking For 30 Years Does To Your Face

Photo: Getty Images  While smoking may “look cool” or give you a boost of nicotine to settle your nerves, science can confirm what we already know: it’s not good for your health. And aside from all the awful things it can do internally, what smoking does to your face is even crazier. Whether it’s giving you psoriasis, yellow fingers, scars, or stretch marks, hopefully, you’ll think twice before picking up a pack. Keywords: beauty, health, smoking, smokers read more

Don’t Hold Back! 7 Reasons Crying Is Actually Good For You

Photo: Getty Images  Tears are NOT a sign of weakness! Here are 7 fascinating ways crying is good for you, and can actually make you happier in the long run. Yes, really! Keywords: depression, happiness, stress, how to be happy, crying read more

People With This Color Eyes Are More Prone To Alcoholism

Photo: Getty Images  A study found that people with light-colored eyes are more inclined to abuse alcohol. Keywords: addiction, alcohol, genetics, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, light-colored eyes, dark-colored eyes, eye color, alcohol addiction read more

7 Genius Ways To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

Help him, help you.

Oscars red carpet glitters in anything-goes fashion attitude

(Reuters) – The stars of Hollywood sparkled on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday with plunging necklines and vibrant bursts of color, as the awards season’s grand finale signaled that anything goes in…