Thursday, March 1st, 2018


Cuba’s Capitol reopens after years of restoration

HAVANA (Reuters) – After eight years of restoration work, Cuba on Thursday re-opened to the public the doors of its Capitol, an imposing neoclassical gem previously shunned as a symbol of U.S….

Sweet-toothed fashionistas delight in chocolate clothes

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – In a dream mix for sweet-toothed fashionistas, models strutted the catwalk in Brussels draped in fanciful clothes made with chocolate.

7 Hacks For A Healthier (And Delicious!) Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo: Getty Images  We tapped pastry chefs and ice cream whizzes across the country for their best nuggets of advice on how to lighten up the treat. Turns out you can have your ice cream sandwich—and eat the cake part, too. Keywords: nutrition, healthy food choices, tracking calories, dietary changes, 5 food label dealbreakers, food label, food, nutrition, nutrition information, ingredient, ingredients, calories, fat, diet, label, dessert read more

Exactly Like The Ice Cream Parlor: DIY 2-Ingredient Magic Shell

Cut the crap! Instead of coating your ice cream with fake, processed ingredients, make your own Magic Shell with this simple recipe! Keywords: food, recipe, recipes, unhealthy foods, cream, comfort foods, dessert read more

Dads Are The New Moms (According To Science)

Photo: Getty Images  Although that cliché of the single parent being a mother will never quite leave our brains, the fact is many men, far more than ever, are single dads. read more

Pakistan’s crumbling architectural heritage

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) – When British colonial rulers hastily left South Asia at Pakistan’s painful birth in 1947, the ensuing chaos and violence meant little attention was paid to the…