March, 2018


Far from war, Basra’s cats lap it up in their own hotel

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) – A world away from Iraq’s battlegrounds, Basra’s cat-lovers have found a haven for their favorite pets.

Why Swearing Off Commitment Makes You A Better Girlfriend

Photo: getty Dating puts a lot of pressure on women, especially when they have commitment issues and don’t yet know how to be a good girlfriend. But by swearing off commitment and dating without expectation, the whole situation is more fun. Keywords: commitment, Dating, girlfriend, commitment issues read more

Sarcastic People Are Smarter, Says Science

Photo: getty Signs of intelligence often include a high IQ and general knowledge, but recent research has found that people who are sarcastic are actually smarter. Your constantly sarcasm and remarks may be paying off. Keywords: intelligence, sARCASM, sarcastic, personality type read more

‘I’ve never been so happy’: Nobel winner Malala in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai says she has pined for her home in Pakistan’s picturesque Swat Valley, even as she recalled two years living in fear under the…

10 Ways Smart Women Choose To Be Really, Truly, Simply Happy

Photo: Unsplash  Happiness is a CHOICE. Here are 10 life secrets that the truly happiness people know. Keywords: happiness, how to be happy read more

No more pain for Philippine devotee nailed to cross for 32nd time

CUTUD, Philippines (Reuters) – A Philippine man who has been nailed to a cross every Easter for the past 32 years in a Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion says he no longer feels…

Have Everything You Want — Except For True Happiness? These 3 Tips Can Help You Get There

video Photo: Unsplash Despite having a boyfriend, a great career, and a comfortable home life, true happiness still feels out of reach. If you want to feel happier, here are 3 ways to be happy that you can try today so you can fill that void at last. Keywords: happiness, how to be happy, happy, finding happiness, how to make yourself happier read more

Book excerpt: After MLK death, RFK ‘poured his heart out’

As riots erupted and smoke billowed from black neighborhoods in the wake of Martin Luther King’s assassination, Robert F. Kennedy met with black activists, politicians and celebrities in a hotel…

The Super-Interesting Reason All Your Exes Look The Same

Photo: Unsplash  Who you find attractive is influenced by your life experiences. Keywords: attraction, attractiveness, beauty, family, twins, genetics, s, genes, nature versus nurture read more

Attractive Couples Are More Likely To Have This Type Of Child

Photo: Unsplash  A study found that attractive couples are more likely to bear daughters than sons. Keywords: beauty, children, daughters, family, having kids, kids, Marriage, daughter, good genes, attractive traits, genes read more

Labor of love: Vintage Vespa fans cling to the past in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – As cheap Chinese-made motorbikes flood Pakistan’s roads, fans of vintage Vespa scooters are scrambling to find spare parts and preserve models that hark back to a bygone era.

Van Gogh landscape expected to fetch millions at auction

PARIS (Reuters) – A landscape painting by Dutch impressionist Vincent Van Gogh that went on display in Paris on Wednesday is expected to fetch between 3-5 million euros ($3.7-$6.1 million) when it is…