Tuesday, February 27th, 2018


Short shorts lead the way at Saint Laurent’s Eiffel Tower display

PARIS (Reuters) – As temperatures plummeted in Paris, models took to a covered walkway under a lit-up Eiffel tower to show off some very short hemlines from Saint Laurent’s collection for next autumn…

14 Clues Guys Give To Let You Know They’re Totally Into You

Photo: getty Is there a method for how to tell if a guy likes you after the first date? If you have good conversation, maintain eye contact, and he asks you out again, these are all good signs he wants to see you again. Keywords: attraction, Dating, first date, how to tell if a guy likes you, does he like me, signs he likes you read more

4 Things Women Love To Hear You Say On The First Date

Photo: getty Knowing how to act on a first date means complimenting her, asking her questions, and letting yourself be vulnerable. Women will appreciate the effort you put in. Keywords: Dating, first date, men, how to act on a first date read more

With patchwork and peace signs, Dior channels 1960s protest spirit

PARIS (Reuters) – Christian Dior paid homage to the youth movements of the 1960s on Tuesday with an explosion of color on the catwalk, as models in baker boy caps and vibrant patchwork designs walked…

Cuban artist switches Havana’s neon lights back on

HAVANA (Reuters) – After dusk in Havana, an ice-blue neon sign illuminates the faded facade of the Cine El Megano, one of many abandoned movie houses in the Cuban capital, lighting up a once vibrant…

The 6 Best Things To Order At IHOP, According To Nutritionists

Here’s how to have your pancake and eat it too.

7 Ways Impostor Syndrome Makes You Physically Sick

Photo: weheartit The Impostor Syndrome can keep you from being healthy. Keywords: confidence, self-esteem, self- confidence, health and wellness read more

How to Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

Quick Quiz: Think back to yesterday. How many fruits did you eat? How many vegetables? How many cups of leafy greens? Smoothies are a fantastic way to boost your fruit and vegetable intake. Keywords: food, healthy, healthy choices, smoothies, green smoothie read more

The 12 Most Motivating Words In The English Language Are…

Photo: weheartit I learn so much by surrounding myself with good people. With powerful words. And this weekend was a great reminder of what Tony Robbins himself teaches about motivation: Keywords: language, motivation, healthy behaviors, english, motivational words read more

Shocking Male Beauty Standards From Around The World

As women, we’re bombarded with images, both in print and the media, of what an “ideal” woman is supposed to look like. In the majority of cases that woman is tall, thin, and has features that don’t really identity with any specific ethnicity. In other words, in a world where we’re all becoming more and more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, defining the “perfect” beauty as being “one thing” isn’t just unfair but also irrelevant. Still, that doesn’t stop the media from hanging on to one type of beauty and shoving itRead More

Father Shows Love By Drawing Incredible Scenes On Lunch Bags

Click to view (6 images) There’s one proud papa out there going to some pretty cool lengths to make his son smile. Brian Dunn, a graphic designer and illustrator, has spent the last two years drawing impressively detailed creatures and scenes on his son’s brown paper lunch bags. In honor of Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we decided to showcase a few of Brian’s many labors of love. Keywords: child, children, dad, father, father's day, love, son, labor of love read more

Product Training for the Technical Expert: The Art of Developing and Delivering Hands-On Learning

  I was pleased to review Dan’s new book – pleased because he addresses an old topic in a new way. He is making no assumptions for trainers who are not fully experienced and seasoned. He takes them step-by-step through practical and realistic methods to set up training graduates to actually be on-the-job performers. Enjoy, learn and be inspired.  Jim Kirkpatrick, PhD Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners, USA Read More…