Wednesday, February 21st, 2018


What Is Graves’ Disease—And Should You Be Worried About It?

Talk show host Wendy Williams was recently diagnosed with this autoimmune condition.

Gucci’s Michele explores identities in rich, bold display

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian fashion house Gucci dazzled fans with a presentation featuring baby dragons, snakes and models carrying replica heads in their arms in a Milan catwalk show on Wednesday that…

Italian investor looks to rev up Shanghai Tang sales

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Bastagli set his sights on Shanghai Tang two decades ago and having finally bought the brand in 2017 from Richemont he aims to increase the group’s…

Corn Flakes Were Invented To Prevent Masturbation

Photo: WeHeartIt John Harvey Kellogg, the father of all cereals, invented cornflakes for one purpose: to prevent masturbation. Crazy, but true! Keywords: history, masturbation, solo sex, weird news, fact, breakfast, cereal read more

4 Ways One Breakfast Ingredient Can Transform Your Life

Photo: weheartit As the highest natural source of the powerful antioxidant vitamin E, a 1/4 cup serving provides nearly all of your daily recommended value. Keywords: nutrition, Skin Care, healthy food choices, sexy, weird news, cereal, breakfast, sex, depression treatment, prenatal vitamins, vitamin d read more

There Are People Who Actually Put Ice Cubes In Their Cereal

Photo: Twitter Thanks to the internet, putting ice cubes in your cereal is a real thing.  Keywords: Milk, trend, viral, breakfast, cold, cereal, ice cubes read more

5 Beauty Secrets From Around The World That Fight Aging In Women

Women go to great lengths to have flawless skin and a youthful appearing. Some even go as far as plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures to tighten their skin. Women from around the world, however, use natural remedies to stay young in appearance. Keywords: beauty, women, anti-aging, world beliefs, Skin Care, skin, natural, aging women read more

Obsessed With Your Pet? Science Says You’re Neurotic (And Needy)

Are you the type of person who is over the top, madly in love with your pet (like me!) and the thought of functioning in this world without them wrecks such havoc on your soul that you can’t even allow yourself to go there with those wickedly dark thoughts? Yes? Then there’s a good chance you’re neurotic, too, on top of being obsessed. And not just sort of neurotic, but really neurotic, which is actually good for your pet. Go figure. Keywords: affection, animals, love, needy, pets, dependence, neurotic readRead More

The Secret To A Long Life? Having Awesome Friends (Says Science)

If you’re one of those people who wants to live forever, or at least as close to forever as possible, then you need to get some awesome friends. Not just friends who are awesome to you, but friends who basically think you’re the best thing coming down the street; friend who think you’re awesome to them, too. It’s the friends who think highly of us who, in a roundabout way, make us live longer, so says science. Keywords: death, friends, friendship, life, love, study read more

Moncler bids farewell to catwalk with eight new collections

MILAN (Reuters) – The traditional catwalk show is dead and the way forward is to attract customers with new products each month, the chairman of Moncler said, as the luxury group kicked off Milan…