Thursday, February 15th, 2018


Study Says This Really Weird Thing Is Causing Your Depression

Photo: WeHeartIt A new study has found a link between the bacteria in your digestive system and your risk of depression. Keywords: depression, mental health, mood, study, bacteria, autism, gut, depression and anxiety, health and wellness, body and stress, stomach read more

French farmer finds happiness in life before machines

RIEC-SUR-BELON, France (Reuters) – When farm machinery revolutionized French agriculture in the years after World War Two, a young Jean-Bernard Huon turned his back on the new technology.

Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off

TOKYO (Reuters) – Fasten your seatbelts for a flight departing to Paris, and never leave the ground.

Female artists strike right note at NME Awards in London

LONDON (Reuters) – Female musical acts took home a slew of prizes at the NME Awards in London on Wednesday, in a move that artists present welcomed as the entertainment industry reeled from…

A Valentine to New York as designers kiss Fashion Week goodbye

(Reuters) – Designers Michael Kors and Calvin Klein showed their love for American icons as they presented visions for Fall 2018 in Valentine’s Day shows at the end of New York Fashion Week.

Science Confirms That Every Weekend Should Be A 3-Day Weekend

Photo: WeHeartIt Studies have confirmed that 3-day work weeks are better for everyone. Keywords: job, sleep, work, workplace, Labor Day, sleeping, sleep deprivation, efficiency, work week read more

Taking This While Pregnant Increases Autism Risk By 87%, Says Study

Photo: weheartit A new study found that women who take antidepressants during pregnancy increase the risk of a child with autism. Keywords: antidepressants, children, depression, Pregnancy, women, autism read more

Bacon Just As Cancer-Causing As Smoking, Says Study

Photo: weheartit The World Health Organization just revealed that processed meats cause cancer. Keywords: cancer, food, health, meat, processed meat read more