Wednesday, February 14th, 2018


11 Rules For Keeping A Friends With Benefits Situation Casual (And Avoid Getting Hurt)

Photo: getty Having a FWB can be fun at first, but if you don’t follow certain friends with benefits rules, you’ll end up getting hurt. So, be sure to stay emotionless, never sleep over, and don’t assume your situation will turn into a real relationship. Keywords: casual sex, friends with benefits, friendship, Relationships, FWB read more

5 Brave Women Stunningly Show Off Their Real, Unretouched Thighs

Click to view (5 images) Photo: Huffington Post Women are so critical of their body, especially about their thighs. Keywords: acceptance, body image, love, women, photography, love yourself, description, body love, thighs read more

This Type Of Man Is 3 Times More Likely To Be Violent

Photo: WeHeartIt Science proves that the Napoleon complex in men is terrifyingly real. Keywords: masculinity, men, short men, stereotypes, violence, assault, Napolean complex read more

From Russia with love: OAR skier weds athlete not invited to Games

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, Russia (Reuters) – Russian freestyle skier Semen Denshchikov on Wednesday married a skeleton racer who was not invited to compete in Pyeongchang in a Valentine’s Day ceremony meant…

A dog’s life: In Beijing’s Forbidden City, no holiday for canine patrol

BEIJING (Reuters) – As China ushers in the Lunar Year of the Dog, hundreds of millions of Chinese are traveling to their hometowns to spend the week-long national holiday with their families.

Flynn the bichon frise fetches top prize at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A bichon frise named Flynn was crowned “best in show” at the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday, wagging his tail to triumph over nearly 3,000 dogs entered in the…

Cash and carry: Woman in China rides through X-ray scanner rather than part with purse

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – A woman in southern China accompanied her purse through a train station’s luggage x-ray machine rather than part with the bag amid the Lunar New Year holiday rush, Chinese media…

Lonely at Valentine’s? Philippines offers pet lovers dates with dogs

MANILA (Reuters) – Man’s best friend has been the blind date buddy for some Filipinos around Valentine’s Day, with a Manila rescue center playing cupid by putting on candle-lit dinners to try to…

Top dog to fetch ‘Best-in-Show’ prize at New York Westminster Show

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Leading contenders from seven categories of dogs, all immaculately groomed and on their best behavior, will go muzzle to muzzle on Tuesday as the Westminster Kennel Club’s 142nd…