Monday, February 12th, 2018


Eat This Fruit Before Drinking And Boom — No Hangover!

Photo: WeHeartIt A new study says that eating an Asian pear before drinking can help prevent a hangover. Keywords: drinking, cure, hangover, Asian pears, juice, hangover cures read more

5 Ways To Get (And Stay) Genuinely Happy, According To Science

Photo: WeHeartIt Science tells us the easiest ways to get that happiness you so desperately seek. Keywords: happiness, job, relationship, twins, wealth, how to be happy, genetics, happy, hedonic treadmill read more

Why Women Live Longer Than Men, According To Science

Photo: WeHeartIt A new study from USC says that heart disease is the main culprit behind high death rates for men, as opposed to women, during the 20th century. Keywords: aging, death, life, men, women, mortality, sexes read more

8 Teeth-Whitening Foods To Eat For A Beautiful Smile (Says Science)

Photo: WeHeartIt These delicious foods will give you the confidence to show off your pearly whites, no dentist required! Keywords: confidence, food, smile, study, teeth, health advice, healthy food read more

Why Giving Up Facebook Will Make You Way Happier, Says Science

Photo: iStock A study found that giving up Facebook actually boosts your happiness. Keywords: envy, facebook, happiness, social media, teens, how to be happy, jealousy, oversharing, wo, treatt group read more

Gigi Hadid Says Hashimoto’s Disease Changed Her Body

She slammed critics of her size on Twitter.

This Is Why You Have To Pee So Often In The Morning

One glass of OJ and you’re practically glued to the toilet.

Fasting or champagne? Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday in rare confluence

BOSTON (Reuters) – Chocolates and champagne or ashes and fasting?

New York’s Westminster Show: Where ‘Good Dog!’ is not good enough

NEW YORK (Reuters) – For the nearly 3,000 dogs converging on New York City on Monday for the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, “Good Dog!” is a dreaded assessment but “Best Dog!” is a dream…

Oppa Gangneung style! – fashion on show at the Games

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) – Biting winds and freezing temperatures can make it hard to strike a balance between looking cool and staying warm at South Korea’s Winter Olympics.

China’s millennium-old fireworks hub grapples with bans and shifting traditions

LIUYANG, China (Reuters) – From the concrete bunkers carved into the hillside, where workers gingerly handle piles of explosive black powder, to the shopfronts selling colorful boxes of pyrotechnics,…