Friday, February 9th, 2018


I Tried Surfing Hawaii’s North Shore and It Was Harder Than I Could Have Imagined

Photograph courtesy of Hans Hedemann Surf School ​Luckily, falling didn’t lead to any injury of the body — just the ego Whether you’ve seen the movie North Shore, follow waterman legend Laird Hamilton, or just love breath-taking beach getaways, you might know Hawaii’s North Shore for its monstrous waves and epic surfing conditions during the winter months (which, mind you, means 80 degrees and sunny there). It’s also the home of Pipeline, also known as Pipe, a surf reef break off Ehukai Beach Park where the Volcom Pipe Pro surfRead More

Why Your Deodorant Might Be Making You Flabby, Tired, and Impotent

Image by Getty Chemicals in scented products like deodorant, shampoo, and cologne have been linked to a wide range of health risks. The scariest part? We don’t know just how many there are From shampoo to soap to deodorant to hair wax, most products these days are heavily scented. In fact, you may be piling on half a dozen or more fragranced grooming products when you get ready for work (and that’s not even counting actual fragranced products like cologne). Even your detergent, dryer sheets, air freshener, and countertop cleanerRead More

This Is What Happens When You Drink Coffee Before You Work Out

Photo: weheartit Caffeine makes your workout better and helps you to eat less afterwards, so drink up, coffee lovers! Keywords: coffee, energy, workout, tea, caffeine, hunger, appetite, pain reduction read more

Why You Should Never Pop That Red, Tender Bump Near Your Eye

Image by Getty Eye styes look like a zit, but you need to keep your hands off There are all sorts of bumps that can pop up on your face: Everything from zits on your chin to cold sores on your lips, there’s no shortage of lesions that can take up residence on your mug. But few are as disconcerting or as annoying as the eye stye, which are tender, red bumps that grow on your eyelids. They could look like zits, but as tempting as they may be toRead More

The 3 Most Effective Ways To Punish A Child, According To Science

Photo: WeHeartIt A scientific study offers the best and most effective ways to discipline your children. Keywords: children, compromise, Discipline, kids, parents, parenting advice, how to discipline, helpful discipline strategies, punishments, reasoning, timeouts read more

4 Out of 5 Women Want You to Do This In Bed

Image by Getty Give her a Valentine’s Day she won’t forget, thanks to this exclusive data from Here’s the deal — we all have secret sexual fantasies. We might not act on all of them (that’s what separates fantasy from reality, after all), but wants to at least give us a space to share them. The website asks you and your partner to individually answer 170 questions about your sexual fantasies, then compares the results, listing only the activities the couple agrees on (so if an interest orRead More

This Is What Happens To Your Body After Drinking Just One Coke

Photo: WeHeartIt Soda is delicious, but what really happens to your body when you have just one Coca Cola? Keywords: health, digestion, soda, caffeine, Coke, soft drinks, drug, coca cola read more

How To Spot A Psychopath Through 5 Telltale Traits (Says Science)

Photo: WeHeartIt A recent study found that psychopaths have 5 clear “tells” that expose them as such. Keywords: murder, speech patterns, psycho, remorse, psychopaths, primative level, detachment, tells read more

Why Some People Age Faster Than Others, According To Science

Photo: WeHeartIt Scientists have confirmed that people grow old at radically different rates, with some aging much faster than their contemporaries. Keywords: age, aging, old, aging gracefully, rate of aging, Aging Process, growing old, grow old read more

The Science Behind Why Some Women Look Young Forever

Photo: weheartit Some women seem to beat the odds and look like they’re 29 even when they’re well past that age. Is there some kind of secret ritual involved with looking young or is it something that you either have or you don’t. Keywords: beauty, women, youth, good genes, beauty secrets, staying young, forever young read more

5 Ways Coffee Makes You Live Longer, Says Science

Photo: WeHeartIt There are many benefits to drinking coffee besides waking you up. Keywords: addiction, coffee, energy, health, coffee date, wo, caffeine, longevity, antioxidants, coffee drinkers read more

11 Insane Fad Diets That Will Actually Destroy Your Health

Click to view (11 images) Photo: WeHeartIt It’s a fact that we do a lot for a hot summer body, but here are 11 fad diets you should absolutely avoid. You can thank us later. Keywords: fitness, health, healthy, healthy lifestyle, diets, dieting, weight loss, health coach, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, fitness, self improvement, self development, motivation, relatiaonships, celeb diets, health advice, fitness goals, fad diets, fitness advice, waist train, waist trainer read more