Thursday, February 8th, 2018


This Man Came Down With the Flu— and It’s Going to Cost Him His Fingers and Toes

Image by WFAA-TV How common is this scary flu complication? We asked an expert A Texas man is reportedly about to have some of his fingers and toes amputated as a result of complications from the flu. According to WFAA, 33-year-old Joei Smith was a healthy, self-proclaimed “gym head” when he contracted the flu in December 2017. He said he started to feel sick and dizzy while at work, so he decided to go home. Days later, on December 29, he was feeling bad enough that he went to theRead More

These Common Sex Problems Might Be Killing Your Relationship

Image by Getty eHarmony polled 2,300 people about their happiness level in their relationships, and the results are in With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be evaluating the state of your relationship. If you’re looking for something to measure it against, look no further than the latest survey by eHarmony. The dating site released a report on Thursday called Happiness Index: The State of Relationships in America. In it, the company asked more than 2,300 people ages 18 and up who were either married or in long-termRead More

Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Keep Weight Off After You’ve Lost It

Image by Getty Your raging appetite might sabotage your weight loss efforts Even after you’ve shed major pounds, keeping the weight off can be a huge struggle. One reason? Your body constantly feels hungry, according to a new study from the American Physiological Society. For the study, researchers had 40 obese volunteers — which was defined as having a body mass index greater than 40 — attend five three-week long weight loss sessions over the span of two years. During the sessions, the participants were coached through daily exercise andRead More

Here’s Exactly What NASA Training is Like For Astronauts

Photograph by Ian Allen NASA astronauts go through hell before going to work high in the heavens. What they learn during training can help you perform back here on Earth How many astronauts does it take to change a lightbulb? By the look of things on a recent morning in the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab at Johnson Space Center in Houston: two. Plus hundreds of support personnel, including 14 divers suspended in the water with video cameras, all manner of tech support poolside, and a cadre of coffee-sipping flight operationsRead More

Hangover-Free Wine Is Finally A Thing

Photo: Pixabay Scientists may have discovered a way to get rid of wine hangovers. Keywords: alcohol, drinking, wine, hangover, drinkers, enzyme, hangovers read more

This Brilliant Water Bottle Glows When You Need To Drink More Water

Photo: iStock HidrateMe is a water bottle that glows to tell you that you need to drink some water. Keywords: health, Hydration, water, drinking water, drink water, dehydrated read more

Istanbul’s back alleys and high streets teem with cats

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – In Istanbul’s narrow backstreets, cats perch on rooftops and window sills, crouch on doorsteps and rest on nearly every corner.

Love is in the air, but not on airwaves as Pakistan bans Valentine’s Day

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan has banned events promoting Valentine’s Day, and media coverage of any such events, for the second year in a row after a court ruled the holiday un-Islamic.