Tuesday, January 9th, 2018


How To Stop Having The Same Fight With Your Husband (Over & Over Again)

video Photo: weheartit Do you find yourself having the same fight with your husband over and over again? A panel of YourTango experts discuss why you can’t stop fighting — and ways to stop having the same argument on repeat, once and for all. Keywords: love, relationship advice, communication, arguments, fighting, conflict and couples, fighting in relationship read more

8 Reasons The Friend Who Gives You A Hard Time Is The Best Friend Ever

Photo: weheartit The best friendships are between friends who constantly rip on each other. Having a brutally honest friend is great because it gives you thick skin and makes you a better person. Here’s how. Keywords: best friend, friends, friendship, best friends, best friendship read more

Feeding the fashionistas: Gucci turns to fine dining

Luxury labels are accustomed to tempting fashionistas, and now they’re stretching from haute couture to haute cuisine.

Ancient finding in Peru sheds light on desert society – archaeologist

LIMA (Reuters) – Archaeologists have discovered two chambers used for political ceremonies on Peru’s desert coast more than 1,500 years ago that had previously only been glimpsed in the illustrations…

Is Your Social Media Obsession Making You A Full-Blown Narcissist?

Photo: PHOTO BY BRUNO GOMIERO ON UNSPLASH Is your social media selfie habit causing you to become a self-obsessed narcissists? In light of the Logan Paul YouTube scandal, it’s time to back up and reconsider the long-term effects of our social media oversharing. Keywords: narcissist, parent, personality, research, social media, social networking, social media for children, social media manners, parenting advice, research, communication advice, narcissistic personality disorder, logan paul youtube read more