Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


‘I Did Wall Sits Every Day For 2 Weeks—Here’s What Happened’

If you’re going to sit all day, make sitting work for you.

We Asked A Man And A Woman To Try This Gender-Neutral Skin-Care Line

Here’s what happened.

15 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon Prime

For all you procrastinators out there.

8 Reasons Why You Never Want To Have Sex Anymore

A sex therapist weighs in on some surprising libido killers.

7 Signs Your Initial Hookup Is Turning Into Real Love

Photo: weheartit Dating a guy you’re attracted to can make you curious about how he feels. But you can learn how to tell if a guy likes you by looking at when he calls you and these 6 other key indicators. Keywords: attraction, Dating, love, hookups read more

How To Get Over The ‘Limiting Beliefs’ That Keep You From Finding Real Love

Photo: weheartit Asking yourself,”Why can’t I find love?” will only get you so far. Sometimes, you have to dig in and do the hard work to grow and change. Here’s how your own limiting beliefs are holding you back. Keywords: Dating, relationship advice, Relationships read more

Global murder hot spot? No problem, let’s stroll around Caracas!

CARACAS (Reuters) – The murder and kidnap rates rival a war zone. Streets often shake to violent political protests. The poor scavenge garbage for food, while the rich go around with armored cars and…

Zeichnen für Dummies, 2. Auflage

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The Real Reason Guys Rebound So Quickly After Divorce

Photo: weheartit When you end a relationship and your ex starts dating someone new, you probably wonder: why do guys rebound? The truth is that a breakup causes an emotional void for men, and he is desperate to fill it with anything, including another woman. Keywords: Dating, Divorce, men, Relationships, breakups read more

Why Even The ‘Perfect’ Relationship Won’t Make You Happy

Photo: weheartit While people believe being in a relationship can bring them happiness, the truth is that learning how to be happy starts with you. And if you aren’t satisfied with your life, you won’t be satisfied with your relationships either. Keywords: Dating, happiness, Relationships, how to be happy read more