Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017


4 Ways To Turn A Crushing Breakup Into The Greatest Opportunity Of Your Life

Photo: Photo by Sara Kauten on Unsplash Yes, your heart is broken, But you can get over a breakup easier if you turn it into an opportunity for something good to happen. Here are 4 ways to move on from a breakup … to something way better. Keywords: Dating, dating advice, happiness, love, self love, Self Acceptance, self esteem read more

5 Signs Your Bad History With Guys Is Actually A Fear Of A Bigger Problem

Photo: weheartit When you have a history of failed relationships, your fear of intimacy could be the reason, especially if you’re always dating emotionally unavailable bad boys. Keywords: intimacy, Relationships, bad boy read more

How To Get Your Ex Back, According To His Zodiac Sign

Click to view (12 images) Wondering how to get your ex back when he has moved on? Look to his horoscope, zodiac sign personality and astrology to see how your ex boyfriend views love and heartbreak so you can determine if it’s possible to win him back after a break up. Keywords: astrology, breakup, cancer, ex, zodiac, horoscope, Pisces, aquarius, Gemini, aries, taurus, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, zodiac sign, zodiac signs, win him back, exboyfriend, exgirlfriend read more

Create An Extraordinary Connection With A Guy By Using 5 Secret Tantra Techniques

Photo: weheartit Tantra and tantric techniques don’t only benefit sex; you can also learn how to get better at dating through eye contact, kissing techniques, and loving yourself. Keywords: Dating, tantric, Tantra read more

17 Quotes Narcissists Will Love (Almost As Much As Themselves)

Click to view (17 images) We all know someone with narcissistic personality disorder, so why not present them with some narcissist quotes so let them indulge themselves? From Kanye West to Justin Bieber to Aristotle, they’ll love these quotes. Keywords: narcissism, narcissist, quotes, life quotes, quotes about life, Personality Disorders, narcissist quotes read more

Biker groups flourish in post-Gaddafi Libya

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Donning leather and helmets (sometimes), they roar along Libya’s hair-raising, potholed roads on carefully polished Harley Davidsons and Kawasakis.

The social media answer to stressful U.S holiday: Friendsgiving

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Americans overwhelmed by crowded highways and the prospect of cooking a turkey and all the trimmings for the Thanksgiving holiday dinner are turning for relief to the latest…