Thursday, November 2nd, 2017


Nazi-era art hoard makes German exhibition debut in Bonn

BERLIN (Reuters) – Some 250 art works from a huge trove hoarded by a collector during the Nazi era went on display in Germany for the first time on Thursday, as its curators pursue efforts to find…

The Best Cargo Pants for Men

Photograph by Paige Cargoes get a bad rap. Here’s the right way to wear them and the right pair to rock First, let’s dispel the myth that cargo pants are dead. It’s simply not true. Most of this misconception comes from cargo shorts, which are an abomination and should be thrown in the trash, ASAP. It might seem harsh, guys, but it’s true. Just ask your partner. “There’s nothing less flattering to your shape than billowy shorts designed to hold everything you own,” says Men’s Health Fashion Director Sandra Nygaard.Read More

5 Ways To Pack More Protein Into Your Desserts—Without Sacrificing Taste

Make your taste buds work for you.

‘This Is How I Finally Got Over My Fear Of Rejection’

Four women share their stories.

The Best Casual Button-Down Shirt for Men

Photograph by Nautica They’re the foundation of your closet, so choose wisely Casual button-down shirts are a staple of every man’s work and weekend wardrobe. But if your closet is mostly blue windowpane or plaid shirts, it’s time to branch out. There are tons of solid, plaid, striped, and geometric patterns guys should reach for when a tee is too casual and a dress shirt is overkill. But finding the best shirt can make or break your style, depending on how you wear it and more importantly, how it fits.Read More

This ‘Modern Family’ Star Just Revealed A Surprising Detail About Her Character’s Sexuality

Could you see this coming?

The Best Flannel Shirt for Men

Photograph by Filson This Filson flannel will become the favorite shirt you’ll make excuses to wear When you think flannel shirts, images of lumberjacks. rustic guys, or Kurt Cobain and ’90s grunge may come to mind. But the very practical flannel shirt should be your go-to layer when the air is chilly. The best flannel shirts are soft, not too stiff, and feel comfortable enough to wear the entire weekend. And depending on your job, maybe even to work come Monday. That’s because they’re made from thick, brushed cotton thatRead More

The Curve In Your Penis Might Be a Sign of Cancer

Photograph by Getty Images New research finds a surprising link Your penis says a lot about your health. While problems getting hard can point to blood flow issues that can put your heart at risk, how your penis looks can be telling, too: Peyronie’s disease—a condition where the formation of scar tissue leads to a curvature of your penis—might increase your risk of certain types of cancer, new research from Baylor College of Medicine suggests. In the study, researchers analyzed health insurance claims from more than 1.7 million men, someRead More

Daily Deal: Never Lock Yourself out Again With This Discounted Smart Lock

Image by August When your phone becomes your key, you’ll always have it with you We’ve all done at least one of these things, if not both: Shut the door a split second before realizing the keys aren’t actually in our pocket. Or, spend the whole day obsessing over whether we actually locked the door in the first place. Both situations suck. But they happen. So why not prevent them with a smart lock? The August Smart Lock, which rarely goes on sale, is $30 off on Amazon—bringing the priceRead More

The Best Polo Shirt for Men

Image by Lacoste Because every man should own at least one polo shirt The polo shirt has survived country club logos, popped collars, and the dreaded layered shirt trend of the early 2000s. But before this timeless shirt was cool, it was necessary. Famed French tennis star Renee Lacoste first sold the shirt in 1933 to keep tennis players cool on the court. He rendered it in a now-iconic woven cotton material called piqué, which has a signature raised pattern that lets heat and sweat escape. The collar let guysRead More

I Got a Shot In My Dick For Stronger Erections, and I Have Zero Regrets

Rodale Inc. The P-shot claims it’ll make your erections harder and longer-lasting. I knew I had to try it As I pulled my rental car into the parking lot of the whitewashed brick building, a sense of déjà vu washed over me — or, more specifically, it washed over my crotch area. It had been two months since I had visited GAINSWave, a medical clinic where men (and, occasionally, woman) pay an intimate visit for what is described as “optimal sexual performance”. I’d previously visited GAINSWave to undergo a specialRead More

The Best White T-Shirt for Men

Image by Getty It’s the foundation of every man’s wardrobe Don’t take them for granted. White T-shirts are the overlooked underpinning of every man’s wardrobe. If you don’t have at least 10 or more good ones to draw from, you are leaving yourself without the proper first layer on which to build a look. We hate to break it to you, but the best white T-shirts aren’t sold in packs of three. Those may seem economical, but cheaper tees won’t hold their shape and may not be as soft asRead More