Friday, October 20th, 2017


Cuba unveils Jose Marti statue, a gift from Trump’s hometown

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba unveiled a replica of a New York statue of independence hero Jose Marti on Friday, putting a gift from the hometown of U.S. President Donald Trump on public display at a time…

What It’s Like To Be A Swinger Who Has Sex With Multiple Partners

Photo: weheartit If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a swinger, imagine being able to have sex with multiple partners without it being considered cheating. It’s an alternative to monogamy, but the swinglifestyle isn’t for everyone. Keywords: having sex, kink, kinky, swingers, swinging, swinglifestyle read more

4 Crucial Do’s And Don’ts For How To Make Friends With Benefits Work

Photo: weheartit How do you make a friends-with-benefits relationship work? Can friends-with-benefits truly last? Yes! Follow these 4 simple rules to give your FWB arrangement the best chance … and the best sex! Keywords: casual sex, friends, friends with benefits, friendship, sex advice, sex, FWB read more

Too much sun. Hair too dry: L’Oreal adds Paris to digital beauty start-up cities

PARIS (Reuters) – L’Oreal, the world’s biggest cosmetics company wants to see more beauty tech like sensory hair brushes that tell you how to care for your hair, and skin patches that let you know…

‘If all goes well…’ Titanic victim’s letter expected to sell for thousands

LONDON (Reuters) – A hand-written letter found on the body of a man killed in the sinking of the Titanic is expected to fetch up to £80,000 ($105,000) at auction on Saturday.

London the starting line as Adidas laces up robotic shoe run

LONDON (Reuters) – Adidas has launched the first of six planned city-themed running shoe models in London as it capitalizes on its first Speedfactory, which it has opened in Germany and equipped with…

Thai vegetarian festival expects record spending

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s annual vegetarian festival began on Friday with record spending expected from Thais abstaining from meat-heavy diets to earn spiritual credit during the year-long…

5 False Myths About Anal Sex — DEBUNKED!

We’ve heard many outdated and ridiculous anal sex myths because it’s considered taboo. But the truth is that anal sex doesn’t have to hurt and can be extremely intimate. Keywords: anal sex, sexuality, anal read more

7 Best Literotica Sites To Find Erotic Stories Online (To Get Your Mojo Going)

Photo: weheartit Have you ever wondered where to find the best literotica sites to read erotic stories and improve your sex life? Once you let your inner thoughts and fantasies run wild, you should expect a nice boost to your libido. Keywords: erotica, libido, sex drive, erotic literature, sex stories, erotic stories, literotica, literotica sites read more