October, 2017


7 Horrifying Effects Of Homophobia On The LGBT Community

Photo: weheartit Though gay rights have come a long way, a recent study revealed the effects of homophobia on LGBT individuals, including a lower life expectancy, higher suicide rates, and mental illness. Keywords: homophobia, homosexual, homosexuality, lgbt read more

5 HUGE Mistakes Women Don’t Realize They Make During Sex

Photo: weheartit Ever wonder if you’re turning guys off during sex? Here are 5 sex mistakes women make, including not taking care of hygiene and keeping quiet. Because you need to know how to not be boring in bed in order to please your man! Keywords: intimacy, men, Relationships, sex advice, women, sex, what men think read more

7 Facts About The Vagina That Men AND Women Believe (That Can Hurt Your Sex Life)

Photo: weheartit Not everything you hear about your vagina is true. And these myths about your vagina are proof of that. Vaginas aren’t dirty, the G-spot is real, and you can use a vibrator without worrying. Keywords: vagina, vaginal health, vagina myths, myths about vaginas read more

Britain’s Merlin to open $350 million Legoland in New York state

(Reuters) – A third North American Legoland theme park celebrating the distinctive multi-colored toy bricks is to be built in New York state in a $350 million investment by Britain’s Merlin…

Japan’s automakers tuning up to rekindle youthful passion for cars

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Reuters) – By day, the Daikoku Parking Area hums with transport trucks en route to and from the Port of Yokohama. On weekend evenings, it transforms into a revved-up runway of…

There’s Two Types Of Empaths In The World — Which One Are YOU?

Photo: weheartit An empath is someone who feels the emotions of others, but did you know there are two types of empaths? Are you an identifier, a clairsentient, or just empathetic? Keywords: emotion, sensitive, empath, clairsentient, empathic read more

Sensitive Guys Make Better Lovers, Says Science

Photo: weheartit Women appreciate men who care about their needs during sex, so it’s no surprise that sensitive men are better in bed. A study found that men who are giving inside and outside of the bedroom actually have better sex lives. Keywords: Dating, empathy, men, sex life, empath read more

Saudi industrial city plans jazz festival as reforms take hold

RIYADH (Reuters) – A Saudi Arabian industrial zone plans to host a jazz festival around the end of this year as it moves into tourism and entertainment, a result of economic reforms designed to end…

‘Why I Think Dry Conditioner Is Far Superior To Dry Shampoo"

We’ve got the photos to prove it.

What Happens To Your Body During An Orgasm

Photo: weheartit What does an orgasm feel like? For women, it’s a build up in warm sensations, as well as bodily responses to arousal. Your body is a crazy thing, especially when it’s prepping you for sex. Keywords: female orgasm, having sex, orgasm, orgasms read more

Real-Life Swingers Give Us All The Details Of What Swinging Is REALLY Like

Photo: weheartit Does swinging improve relationships? While many people think having sex with people outside of your marriage can cause jealousy, swingers have found that they form stronger bonds with their partners. Keywords: kink, kinky, Marriage, open marriage, Relationships, swingers, swinging read more

This Woman’s Incredible Strength-Training Transformation Will Blow You Away

Louise Aubrey gained 25 pounds—and she’s never felt better.