September, 2017


Hell’s bells! Britain to get less bong for its buck in Big Ben blunder

LONDON (Reuters) – Renovations that will silence the Big Ben bell in the British parliament’s famous clock tower for four years will cost more than double the original estimate, officials said on…

I Chose To Be Single And Childless Forever — And I Don’t Regret It

Photo: weheartit For some women, getting married and having kids just aren’t part of their plan. Instead, being single and childless seem much more appealing. But although they choose to not have kids, is marriage really ever off the table? When your biological clock isn’t ticking and you are happy without a mate, why would you ruin it by adhering to society’s standards? Keywords: family, parenthood, single, childless by choice read more

In Pakistan’s coal rush, some women drivers break cultural barriers

ISLAMKOT, Pakistan (Reuters) – As Pakistan bets on cheap coal in the Thar desert to resolve its energy crisis, a select group of women is eyeing a road out of poverty by snapping up truck-driving…

8 BRUTAL Truths Domestic Violence Victims Wish They Could Tell You

Photo: weheartit People who don’t understand domestic abuse and violence have no idea what survivors really go through. And even though they try to help victims of domestic violence to pick up the pieces of their lives, they can sometimes do more harm than good. So, instead of pushing these victims, understand that they tried to get out, they didn’t ask for the abuse, and none of it was their fault. The best thing you can do is support them. Keywords: abusive relationships, domestic abuse, domestic violence, rape read more

Golden getaway: cost, safety prompt more Chinese tourists to stay closer to home

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – As China’s army of tourists prepares for next week’s ‘Golden Week’ vacation, the hottest destinations aren’t Paris, New York or Tokyo. Instead, a cooling economy means…

Hot and sweet and red all over, Serbian village hangs peppers out to dry

DONJA LOKOSNICA, Serbia (Reuters) – The village of Donja Lokosnica has turned red, as the pepper harvest hanging out to dry on almost every wall brings a wash of intense color to this Serbian farming…

Britons open wallets to secure White Cliffs of Dover for nation

LONDON (Reuters) – A British charity seeking to buy land abutting the White Cliffs of Dover to secure the landscape for the nation says it has hit its target to raise one million pounds ($1.3…

‘You look so beautiful!’: Indonesians celebrate the dead in ancient ritual

TORAJA, Indonesia (Reuters) – Yosefina Tumanan, a resident of the remote Toraja region of Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi, was thrilled to see her sister-in-law.

Christie’s to auction rare large diamond in November

HONG KONG (Reuters) – A 163.41-carat flawless white diamond found last year in Angola will go to auction in Geneva on Nov. 14, global auction house Christie’s said on Thursday.

Yves Saint Laurent designs get new airing at Paris museum

PARIS (Reuters) – A new museum showcasing the creations of late French couturier Yves Saint Laurent opens in Paris next week, offering visitors an intimate glimpse into his studio and how he pulled…

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at age 91

(Reuters) – Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who helped usher in the 1960s sexual revolution with his groundbreaking men’s magazine and built a business empire around his libertine lifestyle, died on…

8 Things No Woman Should EVER Wait For A Man To Do

Click to view (8 images) Photo: Sarah Jones From an early age, women are taught to aspire to marriage or starting relationships with men. But when you’re a single woman, the pressure can feel overwhelming. Instead of thinking you need a man to complete your life, consider the things women should never do for men. That includes consulting them before moving to a new place, waiting for them to buy jewelry, and setting up a registry together. Keywords: Dating, feminism, men, Relationships, single, single women read more