Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017


This Is The Perfect Workout Routine For When Mercury Is In Retrograde

Work up a sweat despite the astrological wackiness.

5 Things Pediatricians Want New Moms To Know But Would Never Tell Them

They don’t care if you still breastfeed your 2-year-old.

The Surprising Thing That Could Cure Your Stinky Feet

Sock it to the odor.

This Is Secretly The Best Move For Toning Your Inner Thighs

Bonus: It requires no machine, no weights, and no weird positions.

Thanks to Pornhub, This Best Man Gave One of the Funniest Wedding Speeches Ever

Photograph by youtube/Daniel Hodgetts This is one way to make a wedding more memorable Whether you’re the one talking or the one listening, the best man’s speech at a wedding is a ritual that has been a cause of consternation for many men. However, this best man’s decision to team up with Pornhub for his moment on the mic likely made the groom a whole lot more nervous than him. The Man’s Guide To Kinky Sex: The best man, Thom, reached out to the kind people at Pornhub, hoping they’dRead More

Amazon’s ‘The Tick’ pokes fun at world of comic book superheroes

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Marvel and DC Comics superheroes may be battling for box office domination, but on the small screen, a little known blue superhero is offering up a satirical take on…

Everyone Is Wondering Why This Gym Sells Bottles of Water Right Next to Its Water Fountains

Photograph courtesy of imgur A photo posted to Reddit has been viewed close to a million times A photo has been making its rounds on Reddit recently that has left people straight-up confused. Reddit user PonchoHung snapped a picture at his gym of a vending machine stocked with bottles of water for sale right next to two drinking fountains. A vending machine at my gym sells water right next to free water “My local gym thought it’d be a good idea to put a Dasani vending machine next to aRead More

11 Women Reveal Crazy Sex Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Click to view (11 images) Photo: weheartit We’ve all had our own fair share of interesting hookups and casual sex, but usually, it doesn’t compare to others. People are into some weird things, and you don’t find this out until you’re in bed with them. Whether it was their hookup trying to lick their armpits or trying to impersonate Willy Wonka, these women’s craziest sex stories will make you feel infinitely better about your own mishaps in the bedroom. Keywords: erotica, erotic stories, crazy sex stories, literotica, sexy stories readRead More

The 11 Stages Of Falling In Love With Your Friend With Benefits

Click to view (11 images) Photo: weheartit When you start having casual sex with a friend, eventually, it will turn into a friends with benefits situation. And while at first you may think things will remain the same and your relationship won’t change, you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with your friends with benefits. From the initial realization you have feelings for this person to the ultimate fall out, you won’t look at having a FWB the same again. Keywords: casual sex, friends with benefits, friendship, FWB readRead More

3 Exercises That Will Improve Your Deadlift

Photograph by Men’s Health Strengthen your hamstrings, core, and glutes to make this exercise easier “Most people struggle with the deadlift because their glutes, hamstrings, core, and grip are weak,” says fitness instructor Sean Garner. So if you’re one of those people who are having some trouble with them, Garner recommends three exercises in the video above to address any weaknesses and improve your deadlift. Back Extension It’s not an uncommon exercise to see at the gym, but it’s an exercise people often do incorrectly. Many arch their lower backRead More

Watch Britney Spears Get a Killer Triceps Workout in New Exercise Video

Photograph by Spears The hard-working vocalist is still crazy fit Front raises, then tricep pushdowns, then backflips—you call it a superset, Britney Spears says, “Hit me, baby, one more time.” The pop sensation posted an Instagram video of her first workout since “a couple weeks off,” and with nearly 3 million views, the clip reveals to millions of fans that keeping a cut and toned physique ain’t easy. The singer and dancer combines free weights, gymnastics, cable machines, and yoga for a killer session that’s probably a lot harderRead More

The Rock and Vin Diesel Are Now Battling for the Title of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actor

Rodale Inc. Mark Wahlberg is number one, but these two are trailing right behind him Vin Diesel and the Rock have been known to compete in the past; their feud in the lead-up to their latest movie together, The Fate of the Furious, was a topic of tabloid interest for months. However, though they reportedly squashed the beef, it’s hard not to look at Forbes’ recently-released list of Hollywood’s highest-paid men and wonder if Diesel is ready to start things back up. Behind the Scenes: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: TheRead More