Sunday, August 13th, 2017


Egyptian artist creates portraits out of burnt tobacco

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (Reuters) – In a small studio littered with empty cigarette packets in Egypt’s second city, Alexandria, Abdelrahman al-Habrouk sits hunched over a sheet of paper making portraits…

More than 80,000 hit Sydney streets for City2Surf fun run

SYDNEY (Reuters) – More than 80,000 runners took part in Sydney’s annual City2Surf race on Sunday, with 2016 champion Harry Summers defending his title in 42 minutes and 16 seconds, media reported.

5 Best Anal Sex Positions For People Who Love Sex From Behind

Photo: weheartit If you love sex from behind, these are the best anal sex positions that will make you orgasm like crazy without pain or tearing. Use lube and try positions like doggy style, the basset hound, the jockey and more Keywords: anal sex, sex advice, sex tips read more

You Won’t Be Able To Look Away From This Epic Cyst Removal Video

Don’t eat while watching this.

You Have To See How This Fitness Trainer Clapped Back At Her Cellulite-Shamer

Don’t call her unhealthy.