Friday, August 11th, 2017


Umm, DUH? Scientific Study Finds That Men Love Looking At This Part Of Your Body

Photo: weheartit While there are men out there who can appreciate a woman’s inner beauty, why do men love looking at boobs? It’s no secret that from the first minute you meet, a man is instantly focusing on your breasts instead of your face. But it’s not all bad news because according to one study, the size of your boobs doesn’t matter, women enjoy being looked at, and he doesn’t notice your face at first glance. Keywords: attraction, body image, breasts, men read more

This Is What You Need To Know About Using Essential Oils While Pregnant

Not all essential oils are safe for moms-to-be.

A Surprising Number of Men Prefer Small Boobs, According to Pornhub Data

Photograph by Getty The results are in: According to an increasing number of men, bigger isn’t always better Pornhub Insights is the site that’s brought us vital data on Fidget Spinner and VR porn searches. Now, it’s back with a new report on how the world searches for boob-related porn. The website analyzed global user data and concluded that Pornhub searches for small breasts are on the rise, while searches for large breasts have declined over the past 12 months. Credit Link:  That’s not to say that large breasts haveRead More

This Full-Body Workout Will Leave You Drenched In just 15 Minutes

Photograph by Men’s Health Burn serious fat in the time it’d take you to get your coffeeno equipment necessary Need a quick, effective workout for when you’re crunched for time? You’ve come to the right place: In our Busy Burner video series, the country’s top trainers walk you through short workouts that will challenge your body when you can’t spend hours at the gym. The clock’s ticking, so check out the video above for a 15-minute, full-body workout you can do anywhere — no equipment necessary. Dogpound founding trainer RhysRead More

Guys Review 8 Different Types Of Vaginas (Yes, Really)

Photo: WeHeartIt Men don’t usually talk much to women about what they think about their vaginas. Usually, they’re just happy to be close enough to one to touch it. So we thought it would be helpful to ask guys to open up about the different types of vaginas … and what they think of each of them. See what type of YOU have and what guys think about your vagina type. Keywords: clitoris, vagina, what men think read more

14 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do on Vacation

Photograph by Men’s Health Pack this handy piece of equipment the next time you’re headed out of town If you’re not using resistance bands in your current training program you are missing out. They come in a variety of lengths, types, and styles to change up your workout program and some add resistance and variation into your workout program. (Don’t have any bands lying around? We like these from Rubberbanditz.) A major benefit for using bands is their ability to transport easily. They roll up so small that it’s easyRead More

34% Of Men Are Still Making This Big Mistake In Bed

Photograph by Getty A new report shows that not enough guys are using condoms—and here’s why that’s a big problem Condoms are one of the best forms of STD prevention and birth control out there—but only about one-third of guys are consistently using condoms, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For the report, the CDC collected data through in-person interviews from more 9,321 guys aged 15 to 44 from September 2011 to September 2015. They found that only about one-third of menRead More

This Crazy Delicious Eggs Benedict Sandwich Is the Best Way to Start Your Morning

Photograph by Men’s Health Try this simple take on a classic breakfast There’s nothing wrong with embracing the concept of brunch—and there’s no brunch meal more classic than eggs benedict. And while it may seem like a fancy meal that’s hard to pull off, this sandwich recipe keeps things simple. Plus, eggs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats, so you can start your day off the right way. (For an eating plan that fits into your busy schedule, try the Men’s Health Metashred Diet.) What You Need:Read More

Would You Eat Parasitic Worm Eggs To Improve Your Health?

Photograph by Getty Images A Thai company wants you to put them in your food Open up and swallow…a tiny vial of worm eggs? Sounds crazy, but a product made of pig whipworm eggs is currently being evaluated for sale as a food ingredient in Germany, which, if approved, would be the first of its kind in Europe, New Scientist reports. The reasoning, according to creator Detlev Goj, is that some parasitic worms might actually benefit our health. While the effects of some worms, like hookworms, aren’t so pleasant—think diarrhea,Read More

New York City students need comfort? In trots Petey the Shih Tzu

(Reuters) – When distressed students at Middle School 88 in Brooklyn end up in the principal’s office, Petey Parker often totters over, tail wagging, to comfort them.

Poverty, land rights feature at film festival in Indonesia’s Papua

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua hosted its first independent film festival this week, showing documentaries on social issues such as land rights and grinding poverty,…

‘Mermaids’ find raison d’etre in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Children with disabilities being treated at Brazil’s hospitals, where economic hardship has crimped services, are getting an emotional lift from a mythical creature of the…