Friday, August 4th, 2017


This One Exercise Will Add Weight To Your Squat, Deadlift, and Olympic Lifts

Use the Kang squat to boost your performance under the barbell An assistance exercise, as the name suggests, is a movement that, while capable of building muscle all on its own, is particularly valuable for its ability to optimize your performance in other exercises. Assistance exercises can improve your form in complex movements like the squat, improve your strength and range of motion, and even help to correct muscle imbalances that might be holding you back elsewhere in your lifts and fitness overall. Watch the video above to see MaillardRead More

The Small Thing Women Can Do That Makes Men Attached To Them (And Only Them)

Photo: weheartit Interviewed by Kyle Benson  Amir Levine, M.D., is a psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and co-author of a popular book, Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find and Keep Love, which has been translated into 14 languages. Kyle: How do you define attachment? via GIPHY Amir: In the simplest form, attachment is the way that our brain evolves to feel safe. It’s almost like having a filter through which we experience the world. Basically, we are social species and the way we feel safe is through other people. OneRead More

8 Really Gross Things Women Do (That Men Actually LOVE)

Photo: weheartit Women are often self-conscious about what men think when it comes to their looks. But once a man is in a serious relationship with you, that’s when things change. You can’t always hide your body fluids or gasses, and it’s not like men won’t notice when this happens. Out of all of the gross things women do that men like, whether it’s popping pimples, farting, or having bad morning breath, the truth is that he couldn’t love you more even if he tried. Keywords: Dating, men, Relationships, whatRead More

These 5 Zodiac Signs Just Can’t Commit To A Relationship With You

Click to view (5 images) Photo: Pexels Sure, everyone is a little bit afraid of commitment, but these zodiac signs will not be committing to anyone — or anything — anytime soon. Whether they are waiting for the one, or they just want to have fun and meet as many people as possible, according to astrology and their horoscopes, these 5 signs are scared and utterly afraid of commitment. Keywords: astrology, commitment, Relationships, zodiac, Pisces, taurus, virgo, libra, sagittarius, zodiac sign, astrological sign read more

​Video: Watch These CrossFit Athletes Put Up a Monster Snatch in the Reebok CrossFit Games

Photograph courtesy of CrossFit Inc. These guys are absolute beasts In between the Sprint Obstacle Course and the “Triple-G Chipper,” the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games still made time for a classic Olympic lift: the one-rep max snatch. Watch here as Brett Fikowski puts up a PR at 291 and last year’s champion Mat Fraser matches the effort. Garret Fisher won the event at 305 pounds; Fraser remains in the lead overall. Want to snatch like the pros? We’ve got you covered. This video shows you exactly how to perform this essential OlympicRead More

​What The Heck Is Vaginal Laser Therapy, And Should You Try It?

​Apparently it’s not painful.

This Woman Posted A Graphic Video Showing How Skin Cancer Destroyed Her Nose

“Grieving my lost nose has been harder than it sounds.”

10 Nutrition Experts On What You Really Need To Do To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

These easy tweaks are totally doable.

​The World’s Most Popular Beer Is Basically Water

Photograph by Today is World Beer Day, but don’t celebrate with one of these Despite how many cans of Budweiser you’ve seen your uncle slam, it turns out the U.S. isn’t the world’s biggest beer market: China is, according to the National Beer Wholesalers Association. About a quarter of the Chinese market drinks a “Euro Pale Lager” called Snow, and if you listen to the armchair cicerones at, you might as well drink actual snow. We’re not supporting beer-jingoism here, especially when American guys have been pounding HeinekenRead More

​The Earlier Guys Watch Porn, the More Likely They Desire Power Over Women

Photograph by getty images ​Psychologists revealed the results this week at a conference Kids these days have a problem completely foreign to older generations: There’s too much damn porn. Sex, everywhere! Gone are the days of sneaking into a friend’s attic and swiping a dog-eared Hustler for an impromptu anatomy lesson, and according to the American Psychological Association, that’s a problem. “We found that the younger a man was when he first viewed pornography, the more likely he was to want power over women,” says study co-author Alyssa Bischmann inRead More

These 5 Moves Will Improve Your Balance, Work Your Arms, and Sculpt Your Core

Photograph by Men’s Health They’ll help you whether you’re carrying groceries or playing basketball A key part of your core’s job is to help you stabilize during the asymmetrical movements of daily life, keeping your body steady as you open doors, get in cars, or carry bags of groceries. And that’s why it doesn’t make sense to train only with symmetrical movements. Most traditional gym exercises ask both sides of your body to do the same thing, but by inserting a few asymmetrical moves into your workouts, you’ll activate yourRead More

​How Green Tea Can Help Soothe Your Painful, Sensitive Teeth

Photograph by getty images ​It might protect against cavities, too Sensitive teeth can make that summer ice cream a little less sweet. But there may be some help in sight for that cold-induced tooth pain: A new material developed with a green tea extract may fight tooth sensitivity, a new study in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces suggests. Tooth sensitivity occurs when a protective coating on the crowns of your teeth called enamel or the layer covering your tooth root called cementum wear away, revealing a bony tissue called dentin.Read More