Wednesday, April 26th, 2017


This Phone Could End Your Tech Addiction

Photograph by The Light Phone ​The Light Phone is as bare bones as it gets Tech addiction in this day and age sometimes feels like it consumes all of us. (Even worse, it’s causing you stress.) Look around, and at any given moment it’s well possible that the majority of the people surrounding you have their head buried in some sort of device. Wouldn’t it be nice to give up some of that connectivity, if only for a moment? That’s what the creators of the Light Phone seem to believe,Read More

5 Sexy (Yet Subtle) Ways To Turn Your Man ALL The Way On

Photo: weheartit So you’re in the mood for sex, but what if he isn’t? How do you arouse a man? Here are some expert tips on how to turn on a guy for the hottest sex of your life. Keywords: foreplay, intimacy, oral sex, sex advice, sex tips, sexual arousal, sex, how to turn a guy on read more

Old enough to recall Mexican Revolution, too old for bank card

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Reuters) – Born at the turn of the past century, Maria Felix is old enough to remember the Mexican Revolution but too old to get the bank card needed to collect her monthly 1,200…

​An Apple Watch Saved This Man During a Car Crash

Photograph by Casey Bennett 22-year-old Casey Bennett is an Apple customer for life after this When 22-year-old Casey Bennett was T-boned in the middle of a busy Maryland intersection, he didn’t have much time to react. Bennett, a fifth-year psychology student at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, was driving home from school on April 6, when another vehicle crashed into the side of his Jeep Patriot. Suddenly, he was turned sideways, and his smashed Patriot was lying in the road. “My car rolled over two or three times,”Read More

This Experimental Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Shrinking Tumors

Photograph by Levi Brown There may be new hope for men with this deadly disease One day several years ago, Samuel Denmeade, M.D., a professor of oncology and urology at Johns Hopkins University, got a phone call from his home state of Ohio. The man on the other end was J. Bruce Hunsicker, an Akron-based lawyer with prostate cancer who had started a foundation to raise money for research into the disease. He wanted to connect with Dr. Denmeade, a leader in the field. Hunsicker’s nonprofit, the One-in-Six Foundation, eventuallyRead More

3 Ways to Beef Up Your Back

Photograph by Men’s Health These moves will help get your back huge “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.” That’s what John Travolta says to Nick Cage’s wife in the movie Face/Off. We should all seek to inspire comments like this. If not for yourself, do it for your country. And natural bodybuilder Julian “The Quad Guy” Smith has 3 baby got back moves that will help you do just that. 1. Feet-elevated barbell bent-over row Any gym rat knows that the barbell bent-overRead More

The 7 MAIN Reasons Relationships Fail — And Precisely What To Do About It

Photo: weheartit In a relationship, love alone is not enough. Here are 7 reasons why your relationships don’t last, and what you need to do to find a relationship worth working on. Keywords: Dating, love, Relationships read more

11 Women Describe What A Man’s Penis REALLY Tastes Like

Photo: weheartit There are lots of smells and tastes going on during sex, but what about the taste of his penis during a blowjob? Women give us the answer to the question: what does a penis taste like? Keywords: intimacy, oral sex, Penis, blowjob, blowjobs, penis taste read more

7 Reasons To Never Give A Man A Blowjob

Photo: weheartit Why do women hate blowjobs so much? It definitely has to do with the way men act toward oral sex. Here are seven reasons why women don’t give oral sex. Keywords: oral sex, blowjob, blowjobs, hate blowjobs read more

​Peloton and Westin Are Teaming Up to Help America’s Traveling Fitness Fanatics

Photograph courtesy of Peloton / Isaac James ​Their new partnership is going to make exercising on the road easier than ever Working out while on the road can be difficult (especially if you don’t know our secret to keeping in shape while traveling). Thankfully, two of the biggest names in hotels and fitness are coming together to make it easier on road warriors across America. Today, Peloton and Westin Hotels announced the start of a collaboration to offer new Peloton commercial-grade bikes in Westin rooms and fitness studios across theRead More

Move Over, Missionary! 11 Sexy Positions That’ll Blow Your MIND

Photo: weheartit Tired of trying the same boring sex positions? Boost your repertoire with these 11 hot sex positions guaranteed to bring you to orgasm. Keywords: sex advice, sex positions, hot sex, hot sex positions read more

14 Spontaneous Ways To Light A Hot Love Life On FIRE

Photo: weheartit Has your sex routine become … well … routine? Time to start thinking outside of the box. Here are 14 spontaneous things to do with your partner that lead to hot sex every time. Keywords: couples, Marriage, Relationships, sex advice, Sexy, hot sex read more