13 Surprisingly Sexy Gestures That Qualify As Foreplay

sexy gestures that qualify as foreplay

Foreplay is about creating a bonding experience, allowing you and your partner to connect through activities that will promote closeness and intimacy. Small gestures that say “I love you” bring a sense of love and kindness to your relationship and will help create emotional security. Emotional security is necessary in order to create intimacy. So here are some sexy gestures to do just that:

Talk about him in public. One of the most important things to a guy is to feel that he’s making you happy. It’s always important to let him know that you appreciate him so compliments go a long way. But when you also speak his accolades in public then it really speaks loudly. You’re letting the world know what a great guy you have. Recount a story of when he did something you really liked. It doesn’t have to be something of monumental proportion; just recognize his effort and how much it meant to you. —Karen Sherman

Really listen to each other. Learn about your partner’s frustrations, wishes and dreams. When we are able to listen and understand each other, we start to create the perfect environment for foreplay. —Marta Rocha

Look (and smell) irresistible. Visual and olfactory cues are the most obvious and immediate ways to turn your partner on. Your appearance and scent are the front line stimulators of a man’s attention and libido. So spritz on your perfume, slip into your sexy dress and dab on some natural-looking makeup. A man loves a confident woman who is in tune with her femininity. —Michelle Morand

On your next road trip, wear a very loose blouse with no bra. On roads outside the city, no one is likely to notice if he reaches over from the driver’s seat. When he can hardly resist you any longer, pull into a park or quiet country road and fool around (but don’t give in to sex yet). Make him wait until you’ve reached your destination. —Moreah Vestan

Let him watch the game in peace. Mosts guys enjoy watching their favorite ball games but are also expecting that you’re going to hassle them about it. Surprise him by having something else to do so that he knows you won’t be upset by his watching the game. You get extra points for fixing snacks or even sitting down to watch it with him (as long as you don’t distract him by asking too many questions). —Karen Sherman


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